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First and foremost, we're not a faceless brand. Don't know about you, but when we're buying from small businesses, we want to know who's behind them, what sort of people they are, what they have in common with us and what motivates them. Maybe we're just nosey! 


But in case you're like us - here's a quick intro ...


Anna, a qualified Professional Photographer and Rebecca, a Graphic Designer, have a passion for lots of things and after jobs that were proving unsatisfactory we decided that we'd love to combine all of the things we love and make a business born out of passion.

We both ride, but these days it's all about our kids, who all ride & compete. We've had many beloved horses through the years and we've loaned them when abroad.

Currently we have Fi, Squirrel and Rupert. 


We started our business with a brand called

Woof & Me, dedicated to dog lovers.

We've now expanded to Wild Whinny for

horse lovers.


All of our designs are our very own and our products are sourced from UK suppliers. The supply chain is strictly ethical, adhering to ethical standards that are independently verified and checked by organisations such as WRAP and the Fair Wear Foundation. These standards cover a wide variety of controls and ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, no use of child labour, etc. 

We do a lot of charitable work, so if you run a sanctuary or a horse-related charity, please feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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